Rituals for Living Dreambook + Planner by Dragontree

True confessions: this is my first planner.  I know you planner people are out there.  I see you in the coffee shops.  But me, armed with Google calendar and a million Post-Its everywhere, would not be boxed in by one little book!

Facebook kept dangling this beautiful book in front of me.  The beautiful mandala illustrations and black-and-white design.  The focus on projects, goals, dreams and…rituals.  I couldn’t resist. 


It arrived over Christmas break – which was perfect as I was in the mood for reflection and writing.  In fact, the first 30+ pages are reflection and writing!  

This is a planner for the “planner” (see what I did there?).  Before I even got to January’s calendar, I had determined my entire life’s purpose, my one-year goals, three-year goals, ten-year goals, and life goals!  

via dreambook.vision

I had planned out my projects for the year (based on my goals).  And I had begun to visualize what rituals I could incorporate into my routine.  This planner seems to think like me: start with a big picture vision, break it down and break it down again so every detail is covered and every minute planned without losing the initial vision.

I got out my rainbow gel pens and went to town planning out January, color coding my many facets of life: daughter time, teaching, my part-time job, my daughter’s three childcare provider schedules, bills, personal time, etc.  Wow!  How did I not have this all in one place before?!

My impression based on my initial set up…


– project/goal based

– monthly calendar as well as weekly/daily pages

– lots of room to make lists and micro-manage each day

– lots of pages to provide reflection, focus, change

– weekly focus, daily intention

– beautifully designed


– monthly calendar starts with Monday instead of Sunday

– hourly breakdown on daily planning pages is more geared for a 9-5 schedule (I teach in the evenings)

– rituals make me a little uncomfortable – still working on incorporating these!

– a little on the pricey side ($48)

Overall, I like my planner so far.  I cannot really compare to other planners because this is my first real experience.  It is a lot of work filling everything in, but it seems worth it halfway through the week when my brain is so tired I cannot remember what I am supposed to be doing that evening.  I think if I can keep coming up with a weekly focus, a daily intention, keep reviewing my goals and keep filling everything in every week this will be the perfect planner for me.

We’ll check back in with Christina to see how her experience with the Rituals for Living Dreambook + Planner is going as the year progresses – stay tuned! 



Christina is a musician, small business owner and single mom of a four-year-old princess in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Life is a beautiful and complicated balancing act between teaching, writing, practicing, marketing, staying healthy, dating and parenting — a little bit of faith, and a lot of kale chips.


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