All My Planning Glory (Arc System Review)

I’m truly addicted to planning.

I write down what I’ll be doing hourly each day. I am very much obsessed with notebooks, dividers, themed stickers, pens, highlighters, and pretty much anything you can find in n the office supply section.

I am also a bit of a planner snob. I used to buy whatever planner was the cheapest, but then a few years back I was introduced to the most flexible, customizable, and most convenient planners I could imagine. I found the Arc System planners and notebooks and fell even more in love with office supplies.  At first I questioned the prices of the Arc notebooks, paper, and supplies (I  was especially looked dumbfounded when I saw how much the hole punch cost!) but I went on a limb, bought them and tried them for myself.

Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 4.14.02 PM.png


I was amazed how easy it was to add and remove old papers and notes, moving them from one planner to another.  I also found I have saved quite a bit of money in the long run, since I am using some of the same planners I bought several years ago. (It also helps that I discovered I don’t necessarily have to buy the Arc paper to fill my planners !)

The Arc notebook and planning systems are great for personalization, and have proven to be worth more than the dollars paid for them.  I have not one, but four planners from the Arc System, and I use each and every one of them daily – I told you I’m obsessed.


I have a planner for everyday life, a planner for work and school, a planner for prayer, a planner for budgeting, and a planner for food and a for fitness.  As crazy as this may sound each of these planners keep me motivated and remind me to stay focused no matter what the task is at hand. With multiple notebooks I only have between 1-3 things written down in each, which puts me at ease, and helps me feel as if I’m halfway finished with the many chores, work, and errands I have planned for one day.


The Arc System is durable and convenient with the many different sizes. Some come already put together, or each part of the Arc System can be bought separately so that they can be personalized 100%.

I definitely recommend these notebooks for any type of planning and organizing.  They’re excellent for various people’s needs when keeping up with their to-do lists.

Have fun and happy planning!


Alyssa Gore is a current student at Concord University.  She is majoring in Business Administration and minoring in Accounting.  Alyssa enjoys learning and organizing her everyday life.  She is an avid reader of various genres, and enjoys writing short stories and poems in her spare time.  Alyssa lives off of highlighters, notebooks, and coffee.  You can find her at the nearest bookstore, coffee shop, or park enjoying a good book or studying something new.



5 thoughts on “All My Planning Glory (Arc System Review)

  1. Looks like you really made it work for you. I looked into this myself, but I admit, the price scared me away. It didn’t help that my local Staples didn’t have a lot of options for me to see in person. I may have spent the money if I could have found exactly what I was looking for in the store.


    1. I completely understand. I felt the same way at first, but when I compared the price to other planners that are dated and that need changed yearly, I realized the money I could safe and all the personalization I can make to keep my planner in mint condition.
      Also, just buying the whole punch and the discs I have made several notebooks and planners with folders, cardstock, and notecards.
      I hope you find or have found a system that works for you!


  2. Would love to know more details about how you set up tabs/categories/other organization for each of your notebooks. I like the idea of having pages that are easy to rearrange and add to, but know how to start the set up is the hardest part for me.


    1. Each of my planners are set up differently. If I could I would add pictures of specifics for each to give you a better idea, but for instance, my budgetting planner I have dividers where I break apart my budget plans.
      The first section is called, “Finances” and I then pull it a part into my credit and debit accounts and then I make smaller dividers for my monthly and then yearly budget plans. I then have a divider for my expenses and have smaller divisions in that section and title them into different bills I have and how to reduce them or change them to fit my yearly budget plan. I then have a divider for my future ideas, and I break that down. Then, I finish with contacts and information needed for all the places I receive money from or pay.
      I then have a bullet system written down for my personal fitness and food planner. I break it apart with a monthly calendar that I write bullets for my goals for each day, and then have each day a page where I bullet in and log my foods and workout plans for the day. I then have a divider at the very back where I’ve bulleted in my goals for each week, month, and year to keep me motivated and not overwhelmed.
      My prayer planner is broken up similar to my personal fitness and food planner. I have a monthly calendar before the specific pages for each day. I then bullet in what scriptures I plan to read and when to read them for the entire month. I then write specific prayer requests and scriptures that stand out to me in the daily pages. I sticky note in questions and thoughts to share and delve into for the next day.
      I also have a small goal section at the end of this planner to reflect and see how far I’ve come by the end of the year.
      And then for my daily planner I have calendars for the entire week where I have stickers or small notes of dental appointments, birthday parties, etcetera. Then I have a page for each day where I color code them (pink, purple, blue, green, and so forth), and then I bullet in weekly plans, I write in the color of my other planners: (pink for my prayer planner, green for my daily planner, yellow for my food and fitness planner, and blue for my budgetting planner) of to-dos I have in them, and then I write in events, appointments, schoolwork, and friend time. In each day I color code every event and write them in the order of importance.
      I make sure to put my leisurely activities at the bottom of a full day of work and school.
      Sorry if I rambled, and I hope this helps! ☺


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