Create Planner Review

I love to be organized.  I have pinterest boards full of perfectly labeled spice cabinets and beautifully organized pantries. I start planner shopping in October.  Scouring the internet for the absolute perfect solution for keeping every aspect of my life in one place, perfectly planned and color coded.  

The only problem with this whole thing is that I love TO BE organized… but the actual process is not exactly my cup of coffee (because why have tea when there is coffee…)

My quest for the perfect planner begins in October because usually by that point I am so far out of touch with the current years planner that I resort to only using the bare minimum of it and just vow to do better next year.  

This year I decided to be more realistic about what I will actually use and find something that functions in my life. I needed a planner with space for everything. I need to meal plan, keep track of my goals, and some space for a schedule.  And I need it to be ready to go from the moment it is in my hands. I’m a stay-at-home mom so most days I don’t need to plan every minute of my day, but with a husband who travels for work, a toddler, and a preschooler; I need to make sure I know where everyone needs to be.


Enter, the 365 Create planner.  This thing has been nearly perfect for me.  At the beginning of each month it has some space for basic “what is happening this month” thoughts, followed by a month overview, and a two page spread for each week.

The space for each week is my favorite!  Each day has three boxes, which I have organized as a space for the events of the day, other notes or important things I need to remember, and the bottom box for meal planning, workouts, and personal goal tracking.  Everything I need and nothing I don’t.


This planner comes in a variety of sizes.  I have the middle size, which I thought would be too big at first but I am finding it to be perfect to keep all the information I need.

The pages are removable which is nice as the binding rings are a bit large.  I haven’t had any issues with pages coming loose or falling out but we will see how this part holds up over the year.


I bought my planner from Michael’s, on sale.  So the cost was reasonable ($15) and as an added bonus, some versions of the planner come with stickers and additional colored tabs so you can even make some of the pages look extra pretty if you want.

The one thing I’m not as fond of is that the Create Planner lacks the emphasis and prompts on goals that I had in other planners but I have found that there is still adequate space to make sure I put time into personal development, without the guilt of blank spaces staring back at me.

Overall, this is a functional and simple planner.  I am so glad a friend recommended it, and  I’m optimistic about actually using it all year.



Chelsea Schultz is a stay at home mama to Zayden and Lenora. She is married to her best friend, Joel, and together they live in Two Harbors Minnesota on the shores of beautiful Lake Superior. She works with a local organization, Beacons of Hope, working to address poverty issues in her community and advocating for those whose voices have become weary. She loves being in nature, dance parties in the kitchen, and anything with glitter.


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