Hustle Daily Start Planner Review

I’ve always led my life by schedules. Though in recent years I’ve realized that while I do not love being dictated by schedules, I do love the structure. As a self-proclaimed Type A, control freak, the thought of forgetting something – no matter how small, is very stressful. So, a planner is a MUST item for my life.

For years, I’ve played around with different styles and types of planners. Many left me with the same problem: needing a notepad and endless supply of post-its to keep all the things in order. So last summer, when my search for this year’s planner started, I began my detailed search for the book that would hold everything for 2017. I looked at around 30 different planners.In the end I found and fell in LOVE with the Start Planner series, after much debate and thought, I decided on their Hustle Planner.

First of all, I LOVE the hard cover, the elastic to keep it closed, and the gold corners. Plus the design, beautiful yet not overly girly (not that I am not a lover of all things girly).

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 10.02.16 AM.png
Some of the features that made me chose this particular line over any others I looked at, was the ability to have more than my calendar and schedule in one book. The Hustle has two sections for goal setting. One just to list goals for various aspects of your life: home, family, work, personal, etc; and one to break each goal individually.


Then, it goes further! At the beginning of each month there is a section for the top 3 goals of the month (keeping my goals on track is something I usually struggle with). I usually tried to keep my goals on track by writing things on different notepads and post-its – not anymore!

It also has a budget section. In the front for overall financial goals and savings, and then more specific ones for each month. I hope to use this more as the year progresses and learn to actually budget more and more. It is actually one of my goals for this year, so this fits perfectly!


Other things you can keep notes of: ongoing projects, medical expenses, and holiday and vacation planning. If you need more, there are free downloads so you can add pages and keep it all together – the designer was definitely thinking of me!

Then, of course, there are the basics:

The two page monthly spread

At the beginning of each month, you get a two month calendar spread.

There are additional pages for your monthly goals, a health check, monthly groceries, budgeting, and a section for gifts and cards. This section is super helpful as all of these things were scattered on post-it notes in previous years for me. 


There’s also a blank notes page each month as well!



The daily pages (this is what sold me!): 

The day is broken down in 30 minute increments, there is a Top 3 for the day (which I need to use much more!), a space for a to-do list, notes, etc.


It also helps keep track of water, supplement and calorie intake, as well as a little check off box for your workout – which I’ve found extremely encouraging and satisfying to check off! There’s a meal planning section, too. Seriously, all the things for my day on one page!


In the Hustle, weekends are in one page. It still has the top 3 for the weekend, water, calorie, supplement intake and work-out for each day.  

Instead of a notes/to-do section, it has the weekly grocery list section. Which I love because once again I can keep it all in one place, but I do wish there was a small notes section.

I am in love with this planner!

The only thing I would change is the addition of a notes section for my weekends.

Overall, I have found The Hustle to be so very helpful for keeping my family, my life, and my business organized and where we need to be all month-long. Not having to carry various other items to keep important things in order has really been a great change for me. I love having all of my notes, goals, projects, and daily needs in one book I can carry in my purse!

It is on the thicker end of planners – which I don’t mind, but it is definitely something to consider. And at $60 it is on price point with many high-end planners. If you are looking for something to keep you focused this year – all in one place – then this is the planner you are looking for!


Lissa was born in Colombia, South America and moved to the United States when she was 12. She continues to hold onto her traditions and culture while raising her own family. She is the proud mother of two wonderful kids ages 6 and 3. She has been married for 7 years to her high school sweetheart. She is a lover of Christ, a committed wife, and a very involved mom to her kids. She juggles managing her home and family, her kids’ activities, a career educating others about health and wellness, and ministry work… all while wearing 5-inch heels. Perfectly imperfect planning, pounds of coffee, and lots of grace help her keep things in order and everyone on schedule!



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