Electric Kettle Review

Last November, my best friend and I road-tripped down to Kansas City, KS to see our dear friend, Caitlin. While there, we visited the World War I Memorial, drove to the quaint town of Parkville to get smoothies and walk along the railroad tracks, and acquainted ourselves with Caitlin’s hotspots including Navah Church and the KC Crossfit. Amongst all the beautiful moments and sights – not to mention delicious BBQ! – one thing I appreciated deeply was Caitlin’s house. She lives with three other women, each supremely artistic and hospitable. Each woman’s energy and personality was etched into the four corners of their space – from the sprawling pink and orange mums and ivory morning glories in the garden, to the eclectic collection of vintage chairs encircling the living space, to the watercolor art on any wall in the house. The whole space rocked with life.

The kitchen was my favorite space: welcoming and cozy, but not crowded, it boasted a small China hutch filled to the brim with colorful tea cups and saucers, soft jade succulents suspended from the ceiling in clay pots, a thick slab cutting board in the middle of the kitchen with an over-filled fruit basket, and a French press with an electric kettle beside it.

I was immediately drawn to the French press and kettle – mainly because we had arrived at 4AM and I was in dire need of caffeinated sustenance. One of Caitlin’s housemates showed us how to operate the electric kettle and it was, for me, love at first brew. I loved how quickly it heated up the water and how there was no high pitched squeal, as from a stove-top kettle, to signify the water’s readiness.

Fast forward to around Christmas when Caitlin’s mom passed along a rather mysterious, bulky box. I was pleasantly surprised to unravel that Caitlin had gifted me my very own electric kettle!  It was beautiful – a corded, stainless steel kettle, and all it would take to work was a fill-up of water and a flick of the switch. It would be piping in two minutes and stay hot for hours. Yay!

If you’ve ever been to my house, you would know that there are only a few things out on my kitchen countertop: our coffeemaker, our food dehydrator, and a couple ceramic and glass food storage containers. These are things I use at least every other day, if not daily, and any other appliances that I use weekly or monthly are stored in the kitchen’s lower cabinets. For my new electric kettle to find itself a permanent fixture on my countertop is indeed a high honor. It’s used every morning and evening when I or my husband have tea, or more often with these colder months when I whip up some homemade hot chocolate for the kiddos.

Screen Shot 2017-02-18 at 8.09.08 PM.png

Also, I recently ordered an insulated French press online (I’ve always preferred the bold flavor of French-pressed coffee to automatic drip), so soon I’ll have the dynamic duo of kettle and press making my morning caffeine ritual seamless!


Emili mostly spins the plates of motherhood, marriage, and intentional city-dwelling. When she’s not homeschooling (unschooling? freeschooling? whatever…) her uniquely lovable – and unruly – three boys, she is reading and writing poetry, working as a birth doula, composting, kombucha-ing, practicing her guitar, and attempting to learn French. She is passionate about minimalism (although she does have a penchant for Ball jars and pretty China plates from thrift stores) and she aspires to find the simple beauty peppered throughout the mundane. She feels most connected to God when in nature and will do whatever is necessary to spend at least a handful of mindful minutes outside, barefoot, each morning – even with Wisconsin snow on the ground.


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