Getting Organized With Your Grocery List – The Our Groceries App

I am a list maker in practically every aspect of my life, especially grocery shopping.

When I was a kid, my mom used to completely wing grocery shopping. She’d just show up at the store every Friday, grab things, and somehow have the food we needed for healthy meals and snacks all week. I can’t do that. The idea of stepping inside the grocery store and not knowing exactly what the plan is fills me with dread. Maybe you’re like my mom, which is probably awesome for you. But if you’re not, there’s an app for that.

It’s called Our Groceries. It’s free and it has transformed the way my husband and I stay organized and save time when it comes to shopping for food.

So if you were like me, you have a list in some prominent place, like on the fridge, where you and your husband add items when you run out. Run out of something and don’t write it on the list equals complete failure and system break down. So make sure you get in the habit of doing that. Use the last of something – jot it down.

Enter the Our Groceries app. Open up the app, jot in down in the app.


The single greatest thing about this app is that it is completely replicable among multiple users. So, my hubby downloaded Our Groceries on his iPhone, and then I downloaded it on my iPhone, and it was the same. So every time I jot down “eggs” on my list, he sees “eggs” on his list. Yay.

So in a typical week, one of us will go shopping, see what the other person has written down, and buy everything. Usually, we’ll say to each other “Hey, I’m going shopping today or tomorrow. Is everything you need on the list?” Or “Can you please go grocery shopping? Everything is on the list.” Boom. Shopping is as good as done.

The app has other cool functionalities as well. It’s very easy to cross things off with a finger click while you’re shopping. Also, you can create multiple stores where you typically shop and create a list for each store. For example, we have a “Grocery Store” list, a “Target” list, and other lists like for the hardware store and our local butcher shop.


Also, you have the ability to save recipes in the app. This is one of my favorite things. So you jot down a few recipes that you make a lot in your meal planning. (Check out my previous blog post on meal planning!!) You write down the ingredients you need for each recipe. So when that recipe comes up in your weekly meal plan, you can just click on that recipe in your app, and quickly add the items you need. So so genius.



Emma’s spinning plates include momming, wifing, substitute teaching and running her small business with Trades of Hope. When she isn’t busy with that, she can be found bullet journaling, organizing, knitting, baking, traveling, reading, dating her husband and hanging out with friends and family, all while listening to music. She is British, an ongoing survivor of bipolar disorder and an avid Belieber.


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