My son is currently in preschool, and will be next year as well, so we have a little bit of time before homeschooling officially begins.  As I prepare for what feels like a monstrous undertaking, I am constantly on the look out for anything I can get my hands on to give my kids an extra boost in their education.  

I found through a Facebook ad over Christmas and decided to give it a try.  I wanted something that would be fun for my son, and educational.  We downloaded the app onto our Kindle as part of his Christmas present.  Let me tell you, he loves this app!


From their website:
“ is a global education initiative of Age of Learning, Inc. Our goal is to help children build a strong foundation for future academic success by providing a comprehensive and engaging online curriculum to greatly assist early learners to succeed in pre-k, kindergarten, and early elementary school programs.”

This is a subscription-based program that charges an annual fee.  We were able to get a deal at Christmas, which made it more budget friendly.  If you have more than one child, they can each have their own account under one membership (up to 3 children), which will be great as our daughter gets older and able to use it.


Everything has been very user friendly and easy for our 4 year old to navigate mostly on his own.  I know the touch screen is very helpful, as it doesn’t require him to maneuver a mouse.  If you are considering this for your child, I highly recommend using a touch-screen device and save the potential frustration.

In the parental settings, you can choose the grade level.  I like that is customizable which keeps the games challenging.   I have my sons account set at the preschool level, so that is where I have experience.

In addition to basic preschool principles, there are sections where kids can learn about farm animals and zoo animals.  Both of my kids love animals so even my daughter at 18 months old enjoys this part.

Kids can earn points during the lessons to buy things for their “pets” or for their avatar character.   My son gets so excited when he can buy a new toy for his pets.


My son goes through his lessons while I make dinner.  It works out great for us. This doesn’t happen every day, but usually about 3-4 days a week.   We also let him play it in the car.  Our families live a distance away so this is a fun way to keep him occupied during trips.

The device does need to be connected to Wi-Fi in order to run the app, which could be a setback if you don’t have a hot spot for travel.

The only significant complaint I have about this is that I wish everything were available in Spanish.  You can adjust the navigational signs to be in Spanish, but the games and lessons are only in English.  I am teaching our children Spanish and will incorporate that more with our homeschool curriculum.  I would love to have the option to incorporate Spanish with these lessons as well.

Overall, This is a great way to reinforce what my son is learning in preschool and he has a lot of fun. I call that a win.



Chelsea Schultz is a stay at home mama to Zayden and Lenora. She is married to her best friend, Joel, and together they live in Two Harbors Minnesota on the shores of beautiful Lake Superior. She works with a local organization, Beacons of Hope, working to address poverty issues in her community and advocating for those whose voices have become weary. She loves being in nature, dance parties in the kitchen, and anything with glitter.


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