Streaks App Review

It’s April now. How many of you were so hyped up to make changes in 2017 that have now fallen completely by the way-side?

Maybe you were going to drink more water…
Or exercise more…
Or practice daily gratitude…
Or eat healthier…

Maybe you even had a plan for how you were going to implement the change, and for what you would do if you got off track. Yet, here we are in April and so many of us feel a little stuck in the same old patterns.

Making sustainable life change is hard. But, like most things now, there’s an app for that!

Meet Streaks – “The to-do list that helps you form good habits.”

The concept is simple: you choose up to six behaviors you’re trying to implement in your life and program them into the app. You can also choose the color of the background, which is a huge plus in my book. When you complete a task or behavior, you go to the app, tap the bubble and it will check off the task for the day. A number will appear in the task bubble to let you know how long your streak is for that behavior. If you miss a day the number resets and you have to start building a streak all over again.


If there are behaviors or tasks you want to incorporate into your life, but maybe not every day, you can program the app for certain days so that you can build a streak for things you want to do only a few days per week, or even monthly! For example, if your goal is to work out only on Monday, Wednesday and Friday you can select those specific days.

The app posts notification bubbles on your main screen to remind you to do the behaviors. If you’re like me, getting the number on the bubble to go down is super motivating! Clear the notifications!


In the app itself, you can tap a behavior and it will show you how many days your longest streak has been, and also a calendar view of how many days you completed the behavior.

Streaks costs $3.99 to download in the App Store, but I have found it to be more than worth the cost. It’s simple and functional, and it means that I have an almost constant reminder of the things I’m trying to incorporate in my day. Life is so full and busy that it’s easy to lose track of the things and behaviors we love and value, Streaks helps me be mindful of the things I want to make sure I’m doing in my life on a regular basis.


img_5535Megan Westra is on the pastoral staff at Transformation City Church in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She also blogs regularly at Megan lives with her husband Ben, and her daughter, Cadence Grace in the inner city of Milwaukee as part of an intentional relocation movement within her church.  Megan recently began studying at Northern Seminary, pursuing a Master of Divinity.  She loves to read, run, practice yoga and she’s an unapologetic coffee snob.


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