Create 365 Planner Update

My planner says it is April already!  Certainly doesn’t feel like it though as I’m looking out my windows to snow… O northern Minnesota, it’s a good thing you are pretty.  


Well, so far so good! Back in January I wrote about the Create 365 planner and how much I love it.  You can read my full review on that here.  I am proud to say, with a few tweaks, I have been using it!  

The most important thing I added to my weekly space was a gratitude section.  This seems to have been a recurring theme for me so far this year.  Always give thanks.  It seems in nearly ever area of my life there has been something pointing here and giving me a desire to incorporate keeping track of the little things that bring joy.

At the end of each day I look over everything for the next day and add something that I am grateful for from the day.  It keeps me grounded and intentional. I have loved looking back over the last month


I’ve been doing this and reading the past grateful moments; time to go for a run, hearing the birds outside for the first time this spring, or my son saying he loves me seemingly at random.  Beautiful reminders.

I also found a system for keeping track of events.  I found I was rewriting everything on the monthly overview and on the weeks page. Now, I simply write what is happening on the monthly overview and then put the details in the week that it will be taking place.  This has made it much easier for me to plan with all of the “headlines” in one spot for the whole month. It works as a sort of red flag that I have something happening that day.


Working out a system for meal planning has been the most challenging.  While my original plan works for the actual meal part, there isn’t quite enough space in the notes section for me to create a grocery list and keep track of any other random notes I have for the week.  Hopefully I’ve have made some progress by next time!


Chelsea Schultz is a stay at home mama to Zayden and Lenora. She is married to her best friend, Joel, and together they live in Two Harbors Minnesota on the shores of beautiful Lake Superior. She works with a local organization, Beacons of Hope, working to address poverty issues in her community and advocating for those whose voices have become weary. She loves being in nature, dance parties in the kitchen, and anything with glitter.




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