Megan Westra

Megan Westra is on the pastoral staff at Transformation City Church in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She also blogs regularly at Megan lives with her husband Ben, and her daughter, Cadence Grace in the inner city of Milwaukee as part of an intentional relocation movement within her church.  Megan recently began studying at Northern Seminary, pursuing a Master of Divinity.  She loves to read, run, practice yoga and she’s an unapologetic coffee snob.

10406408_1536522819952135_3286650032556086798_nChelsea Schultz

Chelsea Schultz is a stay at home mama to Zayden and Lenora. She is married to her best friend, Joel, and together they live in Two Harbors Minnesota on the shores of beautiful Lake Superior. She works with a local organization, Beacons of Hope, working to address poverty issues in her community and advocating for those whose voices have become weary. She loves being in nature, dance parties in the kitchen, and anything with glitter.

13900056_10153567024475989_6995601918166913766_nMelissa Harden

Melissa Harden is a full-time elementary school speech
language pathologist and mama to a little man who will be, unfathomably, two this year. Her kitchen is chronically messy and her best friends are those people for whom she doesn’t feel she needs to clean it even a little. Melissa loves reading, coffee, grammar, colorful pens, snuggling, essential oils, and snark. She spends way too much time on the internet but vows to change that someday.

img_0092Ashley Wenner

Ashley Wenner is a full time wife and mother with a side singing career. She has one child, a
sweet and mischievously smart little girl, who is less than two years old, and two horse-sized german shepherds – all of whom keep her on her toes with her daily house cleaning. Ashley started and ran her own house keeping business throughout high school and college to pay the bills. She learned many tricks of the trade while elbow-deep in other peoples households, and attempts to put them to every day use while chasing her little one. Although her home is far from Better Homes & Gardens worthy, her hundred-year-old farmhouse is charming and well loved.

13331107_10103389322782038_223015141366433292_nEmma Kuhnz

Emma’s spinning plates include momming, wifing, substitute teaching and running her small business with Trades of Hope. When she isn’t busy with that, she can be found bullet journaling, organizing, knitting, baking, traveling, reading, dating her husband and hanging out with friends and family, all while listening to music. She is British, an ongoing survivor of bipolar disorder and an avid Belieber.

dsc04508Lynda Gravier

Lynda works for a small nonprofit that connects donors and volunteers with hands-on hunger relief. She does finance, communication, donor care, and event management at Heaven Sent Ministries.
Lynda and her husband Mike have moved 17 times in 30 years. Yes, 17. She is mom to three twenty-something children – a medical student, a development director, and a university student. She is a recovering perfectionist who loves to read, hike, kayak, search for beach glass, and get coffee with friends. Lynda lives near the Indiana Dunes, just far enough from Lake Michigan that she can get some work done.

unnamedAngela Steinkamp

Angela Steinkamp has lived and worked in Milwaukee, WI for the past 6 years. In addition to being the Office Manager for Brilliance Business Solutions, she is also the owner and “Bakeress” of August Sweets. When she is not baking for customers, she is often baking for friends and family and attempting to adapt a bullet journal for her baking company. Angela is married to her husband Chris and together they enjoy gardening, improving their new old house, bicycling, loving their 6-year old orange tabby cat named Panza (pahn-za), and nature adventuring. Angela dabbles in many hobbies that are constantly shifting on the priority list, in no particular order and including but not limited to: sewing, knitting, painting, crafting, reading, puzzling, anything Harry Potter/Hogwarts (always near the top), and in general “making”.

fullsizeoutput_1d66Charonda Oliphant

Charonda Oliphant is a Career Counselor at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  She is the wife to an amazing husband and mother to a beautiful – and quite energetic – 1 year old son. When time permits, Charonda greatly enjoys spending time with family, crocheting, and baking cookies. Outside of family time, things that give Charonda life include coffee, good company, good conversation, and good food. Additionally, she has been known to annoy her husband with her many requests that he put everything on their shared Google calendar.

fullsizeoutput_1d6aLindsay Considine

Lindsay Considine lives with her husband, two children, and dog in Milwaukee, WI.  She spends her time caring for her toddler son and baby daughter.  She is passionate about simplicity, minimalism, ethical and socially responsible consumerism, positive/unconditional parenting, holistic health and providing nourishing, traditional food for her family.  A good portion of her mental capacity is taken up by trying to figure out how to fit these things into life with two young children (and she has a long way to go).  When she has free time she enjoys going on outdoor adventures, experimenting with elaborate recipes, reading, gardening, and spending time with friends.

fullsizeoutput_1d68Lissa Redman

Lissa was born in Colombia, South America and moved to the United States when she was 12. She continues to hold onto her traditions and culture while raising her own family. She is the proud mother of two wonderful kids ages 6 and 3. She has been married for 7 years to her high school sweetheart. She is a lover of Christ, a committed wife, and a very involved mom to her kids. She juggles managing her home and family, her kids’ activities, a career educating others about health and wellness, and ministry work… all while wearing 5-inch heels. Perfectly imperfect planning, pounds of coffee, and lots of grace help her keep things in order and everyone on schedule!

15747404_1541161302578038_4583076230267646240_nAlyssa Gore

Alyssa Gore is a current student at Concord University.  She is majoring in Business Administration and minoring in Accounting.  Alyssa enjoys learning and organizing her everyday life.  She is an avid reader of various genres, and enjoys writing short stories and poems in her spare time.  Alyssa lives off of highlighters, notebooks, and coffee.  You can find her at the nearest bookstore, coffee shop, or park enjoying a good book or studying something new.

fullsizeoutput_1d70Christina Fordham

Christina is a musician, small business owner and single mom of a four-year-old princess in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Life is a beautiful and complicated balancing act between teaching, writing, practicing, marketing, staying healthy, dating and parenting — a little bit of faith, and a lot of kale chips.


picture1Emili Butrin

Emili mostly spins the plates of motherhood, marriage, and intentional city-dwelling. When she’s not homeschooling (unschooling? freeschooling? whatever…) her uniquely lovable – and unruly – three boys, she is reading and writing poetry, working as a birth doula, composting, kombucha-ing, practicing her guitar, and attempting to learn French. She is passionate about minimalism (although she does have a penchant for Ball jars and pretty China plates from thrift stores) and she aspires to find the simple beauty peppered throughout the mundane. She feels most connected to God when in nature and will do whatever is necessary to spend at least a handful of mindful minutes outside, barefoot, each morning – even with Wisconsin snow on the ground.